Monday, August 17, 2009

Vegan Plate soup cures a common cold

Vegan Plate - Studio City
$ under 10

I came down with an awful sore throat and chesty cough and instead of going to Wholefoods to grab some brothy chicken soup i went in search of a natural cure. 

Garlic works wonders when you have a cold or are coming down with one. The soup i ordered from Vegan Plate is my favorite recommendation for a cold. Its a Won Ton vegie soup with loads of broccoli, vegetable dumplings filled with sweet corn and rice noodles. The reason its so good is its made with a heap of fried garlic. It really soothes the sore throat and feels somewhat medicinal without tasting or smelling strange. It was $8.95 but it made me feel a whole lot better and that made it worth the extra effort.  

And for the non sickie... Vegan Plate does Thai as good as any traditional Thai restaurant. my partner ordered the dinner special for $11.95. It blows my price limits on this blog by just a little but is very reasonable for a vegan three course dinner. It was a Thai green curry with soy chicken that comes with miso soup, brown rice, a salad with a miso vinegarette and vegie egg roll. I tasted the curry and it was amazing. It was made with delicious chunks of fresh eggplant and bamboo shoots. Because of the delicacy of the soy meat, you could really taste the fresh coconut milk and lemongrass. The miso served with it was one of the best misos ive ever tasted outside a japanese restaurant. Our waiter, Mitch was so sweet and kind to us. We loved this place. 

Vegan Plate 
11943 Ventura Blvd
Studio City CA 91604
(818) 506 - 9015

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