Friday, August 14, 2009

Chutneys Indian Fast Food

Chutneys Indian Fast Food $ under 5
2406 S Barrington Ave, West LA 90064

I was starving for a substantial and healthy lunch. And craving spicy food. I just love Indian and i stumbled upon this place by accident. It doesnt look like a popular joint from the outside but inside its busy. This place does a lot of its business in take out or delivery. I can now see why as its the freshest fast food indian ive ever had! I think its the best kept secret for a cheap meal in West LA. 

I ordered a $2.99 lunch special which is a quarter tandoori cooked chicken and naan, salad and yogurt raita sauce. Because they told me white meat was extra i upgraded my quarter chicken to a breast piece and paid a total of $4.98 for the whole meal. It was huge! The chicken was hot kinda spicy, freshly cooked to order and not oily. The meat was juicy and cooked crispy on the outside. The corn, carrot and coconut salad it came with was sweetly delicious and the iceberg lettuce and fresh onion slices fresh and crunchy. They made my naan fresh to order and i got to watch them grill it on the stove. It was crispy and doughy in the middle. Mint yogurt raita is self service dont forget to grab a container for some to pour over your naan and chicken. 

This place also serves kick ass mango lassis too. I will try one next time they are $4.99 which is not bad for a yogurt based mango smoothie. The perfect thing to grab before you commute the 10 or 405 in peak hour traffic. 

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